Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Russian Church, Part 7

About a month ago I gave a job to one if my staff. It was a tedious job involving the reformatting of a 1,000 page document. Two days later she complained, "this will take me the rest of my life!" It wasn't true because the job is now complete. But after spending an hour and a half putting little green stuff tiles on three sides of the main octagonal spire, I know just how she felt!

It all came about because when I finally finished assembling the two spires, they just looked too bland.

Then I thought about putting tiles on them and I started on the big one first. So began the ordeal. Each little tile was made from a small ball of Green Stuff - about 1.5 mm in diameter - stuck onto the plasticard and then flattened out. Two hundred and twenty-two tiles later I finished three of the eight sides. But my God it is going to look fantastic when it is painted up!


  1. Assuming you have some degree of sanity left after forming all the screen stuff tiles for all the spires! ��

    A nice project Mark. A shame you didn't create the church all those years ago at Military Miniatures because it may have been cast and be available for purchase by idle people such as myself!! ��

    von Peter himself

    1. Greetings von Peter Himself,

      This model would never have stood up to the rigours of resin casting. Oddly enough, one of the inspirations for the twin spires was that I liked the look of the copper effect you achieved on the church of yours. Then there was that sudden rush of blood to the head and I thought “I wonder how it would look with tiles on it?” Half an hour into the task, after I had hit the point of no return, I admit that I was questioning my sanity, but as they say insanity is only a state of mind. I will finish one (maybe both) of the spires tonight.