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Free Wargames Rules 1700-1914
Quick Reference Handbooks for Wargames Rule 1700-1918 for:
Free Flags
The Armies and Organisations of the Franco-Prussian War
These pages are the text from a book I published in 1992.
The German Army


  1. Very informative blog and having just drifted into a DIXONS MINATURES [nice but pricey] ACW project the free flags are great and the painting will hopefully inspire me to up my game in that regard.

  2. Very interesting ruleset! I'd like to use these for my new 12mm American Civil War units, but unfortunately the link to the QRH for ACW seems to be broken...

  3. Mark, found your site, whilst looking for FPW uniform & rules info, lots of good info here, many thanks. One question, can’t seem to download your QRH, all the above links don’t work, any chance you could email me a copy? Email : pearceken at hotmail dot com.

  4. Mark, have you fixed the above links to your rules and other items?

    1. Hi John. I have fixed the main rules link. Will look at the others in due course.

  5. Hullo! The link seems to be lost for the Russo Japanese War Rules Quick Reference! Would you mind re-uploading it?