Tuesday 27 September 2016

The Great Crimean War Project Complete!

It is odd the way the mind plays tricks on you. Mine is telling me that the Crimean War project, that has been my main focus of late, was only begun late last year. But when look back through the posts of this blog, I realise that I completed the first unit way back in June 2014. It doesn’t seem that long ago.
This weekend I finished the last French Infantry regiment.

With the basing of this last unit the Crimean project has ended. So that is 27 months from start to finish (well finish is such a flexible term for me – I can see the “need” to get the Heavy Brigade when the Great War figures come out and some Turks if Foundry ever have another 25% off sale).
In some ways that is a long project for me (given that I have been known to churn out an army in three to four months), but then this is a big collection and my most expensive by a significant margin – the total cost amounted to just over £1900.00 (or around NZ$3870.00). It is worthwhile pointing out that I changed suppliers of the Great War Miniatures earlier this year to Caliver Books, who do not charge for postage on orders above £16.50 and this resulted in a saving of a surprising £338. I know this is a play-off against the VAT that can claimed back against exported goods, but it is a saving that is much appreciated.
The final tally is:

British Army
3 Guards Infantry Battalions
3 Highland Infantry Battalions
4 Line Infantry Battalions
1 Rifle Battalion
4 Line Artillery Batteries
1 Royal Horse Artillery Battery
5 Light Brigade Cavalry Regiments
9 Command Groups

French Army
1 Chasseur a Pied Battalion
9 line Infantry Battalions
3 Zouave Infantry Battalions
2 Line Artillery Batteries
1 Horse Artillery Battery
2 Chasseur d’Afrique Cavalry Regiments
4 Command Groups

Sardinian Army
2 Bersaglerie Battalions
4 Line Infantry Battalions
1 Line Artillery Battery
1 Command Group

Russian Army
28 Line Infantry Battalions
5 Line Artillery Batteries
2 Line Dragoon Regiments
2 Hussar Regiments
3 Cossack Regiments
1 Cossack Battery
13 Command Groups

In all that is 1,203 foot figures, 125 mounted figures and 21 guns.
Laid out on the table it represents a mighty array, but packed away in its plastic boxes in the garage it looks far less impressive.

Saturday 24 September 2016

The Ontoria Hussars

 There is just something about hussars, isn't there? It must be that pelisse nonchalantly slung over one shoulder and that swagger they exude that makes them so spectacular.

But add a lance, with a skull and crossbones on the pennant, give them a white dolman wth red and green braid, black pelisse, red trousers and a blue beret and you get the Ontoria hussars from the Perry First Carlist War range. They are super spectacular. 

This is easily the most impressive Carlist unit I have done so far in this Carlist War project.

Thursday 22 September 2016

MId-Week Review

With half the week gone I have completed another 30 foot and nine mounted figures. The latter, beautiful unit of Carlist Ontoria Hussars, are based, but the base detailing is not completed. I shall post an image over the weekend.

First up is the first of two units of un-uniformed Carlist infantry.

Second is the pack of female civilians. I am not sure how I am going to base these yet, so they will stay as single figures for a while longer...probably until the male civilian set is done.

On the table now is the last Crimean French infantry regiment and two Crimean Russian guns and crew. Another French Regiment, that was painted but waiting for back packs to arrive, is now finished and will be based tonight or tomorrow night.

Sunday 18 September 2016

A Painting Table Update

Its been a busy week on the painting table, although there isn't much to show in the way of finished product. I have managed to pump out 80 figures during the week but only a single battalion of 18 Navarrese Guides is based.

The other 62 figures painted this week were a battalion of un-uniformed Carlists (waiting to be based), two civilian figures and 42 French Crimean infantry. The latter are not entirely finished because when I received the order back in early-August they were shipped without their back packs. Those packs are on their way, but won't be here until late next week and then have to be painted then glued onto the already finished figures before the regiment can be based.

Saturday 10 September 2016

More Carlists off the Painting Table

This has been a difficult week. Her indoors has been suffering from a case of shingles and is still in quite a bit of discomfort; at work I have had to face a week of interviews for a new staff member (and I so dislike the recruitment process); the core document authoring software that we use every day got screwed up; another key software solution is also refusing to act as it should...and it has been cold! I am so glad I have such a wonderful hobby, where I can lose myself for two or three hours in an evening and disperse all the unpleasantness of the day.

But what a busy week it has been on the painting table this week. The First Carlist War is the focus. 

The first item is an Isabelino guard infantry unit.

Second is another Isabelino unit, this time it is a light infantry unit.

Third is a Carlist unit, some Valencian volunteers - my favourite Carlist outfit so far.

Finally there is the Carlist commanders set:

Don Carlos
and Cabrera