Saturday 8 March 2014

The Fleets Expand

I have finished the first batch of 1:600 scale ships for 1866. This includes all seven of the Austrian ironclads and seven of the twelve Italian ironclads.
The Austrian fleet, right to left, Drache, Salamander, Prinz Eugen, Kaiser Max, Don Juan d'Austria, Ezherzog Ferdinand Max, Habsburg

Kaiser Max (sister ships Prinz Eugen, Don Juan d'Austria)
Habsburg (sister ship Ezherzog Ferdinand Max)

Salamander (sister ship Drache)

The Italian Fleet, right to left , Affondore, Formidibile, Palestro, Varese, Principe di Carignano, Ried'Italia, Re di Portigallo.
Principe di Carignano
Re d'Italia (sister ship Re di Portigallo)
Formidibile (sister ship Terribile)
Palestro (sister ship Varase)

I have ordered the hulls for the remaining Italian ironclads, seven of the Austrian wooden frigates and corvettes, and two Italian wooden ships.