Saturday 30 November 2019

Bavarian 1\6th Infantry and a small milestone

Fresh off the basing tray is the First Battalion, 6th Bavarian Line Infantry Regiment.

...and the milestone...this is the 500th post on this blog.

Tuesday 26 November 2019

Bavarian Bits

Completed last week, but only based last night are four more Bavarian pieces.

The high command

The infantry divisional command

A courier

The limber for the gun set posted a week or two ago.

Thanks to various Black Friday sales around the world there is a vast array of lead and plastic heading my way, some to finish off existing projects and some to start new ones.

Friday 22 November 2019

Regensberg Nationalmiliz

It’s been a hectic time in the real world this week and it has impacted on output. While a number of items were painted only a single unit made it off the basing tray.

This unit is the second Bavarian National Militia  battalion, the 9th Regensberg Nationalmiliz.

Saturday 16 November 2019

Bavarian Field Artillery and the Salzburg Nationalmiliz

In the structure of the Napoleonic Bavarian military there were several levels of reservists. The first level were reservists for the line units. The second level were the Nationalmiliz Mobile Legions, sometimes  called Kries battalions because they were organised by province, or ‘Kreis' and charged with defending the national borders. They were only meant to be called up in emergencies.

After the loss of most of the Bavarian army in Russia in the 1812 Campaign radical changes to the recruitment programme were required. The Nationalmiliz Mobile Legions became the building blocks for the armed forces. Each Kries was to raise a mobile legion of four infantry battalions each of four companies providing an auxiliary defence force of 36 battalions with a total of 21,500 other ranks. While some battalions received exemptions that meant they did not have to serve outside the national borders, between one third and one half of the Bavarian army that took the field in 1813 consisted of Mobile Legions.

Since I have picked the Second Division of the Bavarian Army at the Battle of Hannau, I need four battalions of Mobile Legion. The Salzburg battalion, below, is the first of those battalions. Since this is a militia battalion I deliberately based the figures a little more irregularly than I would normally do.

Also completed is a six-pound gun and crew.

The limber for this set is on the painting table now.

Friday 15 November 2019

Bavarian Infantry

This has been a much more focussed week, and the centre of that focus has been the Napoleonic Bavarians.

Two weeks ago I posted an image of an incomplete battalion, the 1/4th regiment, of those boys in blue. Well the parcel that arrived last week contained the figures to complete not only 1/4th but 2/4th as well…and here they are.

Marching through the uniform store at present are the figures for a battalion of National Militia and the first of the gun sets. These should be completed tonight and based up tomorrow.

Saturday 9 November 2019

Final Crimean Infantry Battalion...for now

Phase one of the British Crimean expansion is complete with this, the 38th regiment, is the third of  Sir John Campbell's 1st Brigade, from Sir Richard England’s Third Infantry Division.

Phase two, Eyre’s Second Brigade, will be collected in the New Year.

Next on the painting table is the Bavarians, six battalions, a gun set, a limber and six mounted officers of which appeared on the doorstep on Thursday.

Monday 4 November 2019

More Crimean British

The weekend saw the completion of another British Crimean infantry unit.

This one is the 1st (Royal Scots) Regiment.

These two horse artillery sets are not new, but have been rebased with the addition of a gun from the spare box to provide the two horse guns I need.

There is only one more battalion to complete in this first phase of the British Crimean expansion. The second phase (a further three battalions, one field gun and a couple of mounted officers) will occur sometime early in the new year.

Saturday 2 November 2019

Bavarian Napoleonic and British Crimean Troops

It has been a disrupted couple of weeks and the production line reflects this. Still I have managed to flit between two projects.

Fresh off the basing tray is the first of the Napoleonic Bavarian line battalions - the boys in blue. Sadly the lads are lacking their command stand that is somewhere between Nottingham and Auckland. These fine chaps will form 1/4th Battalion. The command should arrive next week, maybe today, and I will post more images then the regiment is completed.

Also completed  are two more units for the British Crimean expansion. This infantry battalion with their black facings are the 95th regiment.

And finally the first of two divisional batteries.