Saturday 28 September 2013

Back into it...

I haven't posted much recently because we have been on holiday in Europe - two weeks in Italy and one in France.

As any good wargamer knows, any holiday should include some wargames highlights and for me there were four wargames highlights:

First was a visit to the museum inside the Vittoro Emanuel memorial in Rome and the examples of the Bersaglerie uniforms from 1866 contained therein.

Second was the Naval Museum in Venice. This was four floors of displays of model ships, uniforms and equipment. 

Third was the Musée de l'Armée in Paris - surely a must for any wargamer who visits that city.

Fourth was finding a model soldier shop in Paris, a mere 150 meters away from the hotel. These were real model soldiers - 54mm and 30mm flats. I bought a couple of 54mms, but was really tempted by the flats.

My time away was tinged with a little sadness when I read that Donald Featherstone had died. While I wasn't a fan of most of his writing, his "Wargames Campaigns" is among my favourites.

On our return there were three little parcels of RJW figures waiting to be sorted for painting.