Tuesday 9 February 2016

Russian Church, Part 6

The last couple of day's work on the church has been on the roof. Most of it is finished now with just a small area of tiling to complete before the roof ridges are put on.

I have also made the basic shapes for the two octagonal spires. To make these I used the PC to draw  two octogons, with diameters of 50mm and 30mm and then drew the sides with a height of 60mm and 40mm. These were then printed to paper.

Then I glued the printed sheet to some placticard and cut out the shapes with a scalpel.

These roughly assembled spires will need some sanding and filling before any further work can be done on them.

The shot below shows the spires roughly positioned on the model.

Tomorrow night I will complete the roof and then commence the fine detail work around the window - perhaps the part I like the least.


  1. Thank you Phil. I am planning on having this completed by the end of this week

  2. I continue to be in awe of your craftmanship.

  3. Thank you Jonathan. It is coming together well. I will start all the awkward bits tonight - window frames, etc.