Saturday, 13 February 2016

Russian Church, Part 8

One shouldn't take my lack of posts on this subject as a lack of activity. Quite the opposite, I have been particularly busy applying the small fiddly details that take a lot of time - largely because there is a need to wait for each part to cure before staring on the next part - but don't look all that much in photographs. 

So in the last few days I have finished the large spire, applying a total of 607 individual blobs of Green Stuff, flattened out to look like half-round tiles. To that same spire I have added the decorative cross. This last piece was sufficiently fiddly having to make the lower ball from EmerKit - I was too impatient and drilled it when it was only half cured, so is split on me and hand to be made again - the cross from plasticard and the upper ball from Green Stuff. For the middle ball I cheated and. "liberated" a glass bead from her indoors' beading stock.

The tiled area immediately beneath the large spire has also been completed and the spire mounted. 

I put on all the window frames. I had originally intended to make these ornate, but in the end made them quite plain, although in the finished product I may paint them to stand out.

I have added the wooden base to the smaller spire and tiled the roof - another 240 tiles. I also repeated the process for the decorative cross, although all of the balls in this case are beads.

All that really remains now is to fix the front spire and the porch roof, and then complete the basing work. Once that is done the whole thing can be painted.


  1. Coming together nicely Mark.

    1. Thanks Stu, I can envisage it in its finished state now.

  2. That is pretty spectacular, can't wait to see it finished

    1. Thanks Russ, there are just a few minor things to do now then I will able to start painting it.