Sunday, 7 February 2016

Russian Church, Part 5

Today's efforts have focussed on some of the fiddly bits.

I finished all the basic timber finish on the two octagonal bases for the spires. These are particularly difficult because I wanted to do them all in one hit and in doing so there is always the risk of putting your fingers on the surface you have just worked. Fortunately this did not happen this time.

I also textured the floor of the porch area, framed the door, put the facias on the porch roof and constructed the porch timber supports.

This image shows the porch roof and the timber supports dry assembled.

Next I will attack the roof areas and start figuring out how to make the spires.


  1. That is coming together very nicely!

    1. Thanks Russ. The rate I am going the whole thing will be complete by Friday.