Monday 11 August 2014

The Town Finished

Before Christmas 2013 I commenced a rather ambitious project - the creation of a complete town in 28mm, both intact and in ruins. On the weekend just gone I finished the last of those buildings, being sixteen intact and sixteen ruined equivalents.

Because the buildings are built to be reversible, with a different face front and back, there are many possible configurations. The town, in the configuration it will be used in its first game in early September, is built around a central square and is shown in its intact version below.

And then the ruined versions.


  1. These are just great, I always wanted to swap undamaged for damaged buildings in games and scenarios.

  2. Thanks Stu. The project set off with a hiss and a roar, but struggled to get to the end. This was mainly because it is really hard to get inspired making ruins. These are mainly made for a game that will be played at our annual wargames weekend away in early September. I hope someone actually shells the town to that the intact ones do actually get swapped out with ruins!