Thursday 31 July 2014

The Year to Date - A Review

sat down the other day and put together a tally of what I had painted and created in the first seven months of the year. 

I was astounded by the results:  218 foot figures, 32 cavalry figures, 11 guns and HMG models, 32 buildings, 14 scratch built vehicles, 28 1:600 scale ships and nearly thirty assorted pieces of terrain! It didn't seem that much at the time.

In detail these are:

Buildings and other terrain items
16 x 28mm intact town buildings primarily for use in WWI games
16 x 28mm ruined town buildings, mirroring those above.
25 x bases of destroyed woods for WWI games
1 x woods base 
1 x street barricade

Scratch Built Vehicles
4 x French WWI artillery caissons
4 x German WWI artillery limbers
1 x German HMG carriage, plus limber and horses
1 x French HMG carraige, plus four horses
1 x British HMG cart and horses
1 x Paris Taxi
2 x Belgian refugee wagons and horses

Figures Painted (all 28mm)
78 x German WWI infantry figures
12 x German WWI Jäger infantry figures
8 x German WWI Uhlan cavalry figures
12 x German WWI dismounted Uhlan figures
1 x German WWI Jäger HMG team
8 x German WWI Jäger cyclist figures
1 x German WWI 77mm gun and crew
8 x French WWI Dragoon cavalry figures
2 x French WWI 75mm guns and 10 crew
6 x French WWI High Command figures
6 x French WWI infantry command  figures
2 x French WWI artillery observers
56 x British WWI infantry figures
1 x British WWI HMG team
1 x British WWI Cavalry HMG team
2 x British WWI 13pdr guns, 10 crew and caissons
2 x British WWI artillery observers
42 x Belgian WWI infantry figures
1 x Belgian WWI HMG team
8 x Belgian WWI Guides cavalry figures
10 x Belgian WWI dismounted Guides figures
10 x Belgian WWI civilian refugees
3 x Belgian WWI dog carts
18 x British Crimean Coldstream Guards

1:600 scale Ships
7 x Austrian ironclads for 1866
6 x Austrian wooden ships of the line for 1866
1 x Austrian gunboat for 1866
14 x Italian ironclads for 1866
2 x Italian wooden ships of the line for 1866

Then there is the still in progress work (either in construction or on order awaiting delivery)...

Ten bases of woods, around 4 metres of hedges, a large farm house, 36 x British Crimean guardsmen, 2 x Crimean mounted officers.

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