Friday 22 August 2014

Crimean War Project

With the WWI project all but finished, although I suspect that the WWI armies will be added to over the coming years - especially after seeing the lastest British and German offerings from Mutton Chop Miniatures - I have begun work in ernest on the next project, the Crimean War.

This project is long over due and has a bit of history behind it. In 1966 my partents took me along to Carlaw Park in Auckland to see the band of the Scots Guards. The programme for the event contained this picture of the Scots Fusilier Guards at Inkerman.

 When my English aunt sent me some Britain's 54mm Guards figures for Christmas, I was hooked on model soldiers and the desire to recreate that dramatic painting on the wargames table has been in the back of my mind throughout my life. So finally I am going to do it. 

In an earlier post I included an image of the Coldstream Guards. Well now I have finished the Guards Brigade, all three battalions. Below is the brigade in line of battle, with the 1/Scots Fusiliers on the right, the 3/Grenadier Guards in the centre and the 1/ Coldstream Guards on the left.

Below is the Brigade in column of battalions

Things will slow down a little now as I make the final preparations for our annual wargames weekend away in early September (where the WWI figures will have their major outing). I still have a reasonable amout of scenery to finish off for that weekend, but after that I will place then next order for Crimean figures - the Highland Brigade from the Alma and the guns for the division.


  1. These look fantastic, looking forward to see how this developes over the months.

  2. Mark, they look great. I have pretty large Crimean collections in 28mm which get the occasional outing onto the table. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks Colin. This army will expand a brigade at a time. The next target will be the Highland brigade - although I must admit I find the thought of painting tartans for the first time in twenty years is daunting!