Sunday 7 July 2013

RJW Game and More

Today we played another RJW game. Once again this was a shake down for our main event in August. Lots of things learned and good fun had by all. In the end the Japanese failed to make any real headway and their attack was repulsed with a heavy loss.

Here are a series of images from the game. 

A Russian infantry regiment and their machine guns in their central redoubt, with their batteries on the ridge behind.

The advance of the Japanese centre on the redoubt

The Russian infantry on the right of the redoubt

The advance of the Japanese Kobi Brigade

All infantry figures are Tsuba Miniatures, artillery and MGs are by Redoubt.

And the new project...

Early War WWI

The first batch of 1914 WWI figures figures are completed. This includes:

- 13 stands of French infantry
- 3 stands of French HMGs
- 13 stands of German infantry
- 4 stands of German HMGs
- 6 stands of Belgian infantry
- 1 stand of Belgian HMGs
- 1 Belgian Minerva Armoured Car

Below are a couple of images of the Minerva AC from 1st Corps

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