Friday 31 May 2013

RJW Project - Phase One Complete

The final artillery batteries (both Russian and Japanese) arrived from Redoubt a couple of weeks ago. They are now painted based and waiting for their first game.

Their completion finishes phase one of the RJW project. That phase sees one division formed for each side. Phase two will be the replacement of the artillery and machine guns with product made by Tsuba - the Redoubt figures just lack the flair of the Tsuba product - and some cavalry. Of course megalomania may yet get the better of me and I may be forced to do another division of Japanese and another brigade of Russians.

I still have a number of buildings to complete. One is finished, as below, but there is another 'Hutong' type of building, a farm, which is nearing completion, and a small monastery. These need to be completed by August when we have our annual wargames weekend. This is a good winter project.

In the meantime I have been attracted to a new project: Early World War 1 - 1914. I have placed my first orders and next week I should have the better part of a battalion each of French, German and Belgian infantry ready for painting.

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  1. Who makes your Farm or is it home made?
    I have been steadily building my own project, but am short of buildings.