Saturday 23 December 2023

Temporary Halt to the FPW Project

With the completion of the last few infantry figures the FPW project has come to a halt because I have now completed everything in this project except for items not yet released.

With the project on hold and no more red pants to paint, an engineer turns off the red paint pipeline.

The last few French painted were some skirmish stands and seven spare officer figures (some of which will be used for artillery commanders). Most of the officers have had additions from other ranges - the revolver hand comes from one of the ACW sets and the binoculars come from the Warlord WWII German Blitzkrieg is so nice to have a big box of bits and bobs left over from various plastics sets.

In recapitulation the completed FPW components are:


  • 2 x  mounted generals
  • 2 regiments of cuirassiers 
  • 2 regiments of uhlans
  • 2 regiments of dragoons
  • 5 regiments of hussars
  • 1 battalion of Jägers
  • 24 battalions of line infantry
  • 18 skirmish bases
  • 6 light field batteries 
  • 6 heavy field batteries
  • 4 horse batteries
Total: 146 mounted, 683 foot and 16 guns


  • 4 mounted generals
  • 11 foot generals/colonels
  • 2 regiments chasseurs à Cheval
  • 3 battalions chasseurs à pied
  • 36 line infantry battalions
  • 18 skirmish stands
  • 8 light field artillery batteries
  • 4 light horse artillery batteries
  • 3 mitrailleuse batteries
  • 2 heavy field batteries
Total: 28 mounted, 798 foot and 17 guns

Needed to finish the collection:

16 Prussian mounted officers
20 French mounted officers
24 French dragoons
48 French cuirassiers

But we need a parade...and so here is the complete French 2nd Corps (with the exception of those items mentioned above). Arranged left to right are 1st, 2nd and 3rd divisions, with the Chasseur à Cheval brigade and the reserve artillery to the right rear.


  1. Wow, wow, wow. Incredible pictures of a mighty fine collection!

    1. Thanks. It was an awkward shot - trying to get the whole width in a single frame was a challenge.

  2. Congratulations, a lovely endeavour that I have enjoyed following and befitting to be able to have a concluding troop parade at years end.

    1. Thanks Norm. I really want to get them on the table, but will probably have to wait until mid-next year.

  3. Incredible collection and output

  4. Amazing looking army and your various posts on 1866-1871 are extremely useful. Using them as reference for my own 10mm pendraken Christmas project.

  5. I knew it would be impressive and it certainly doesn't disappoint. An amazing accomplishment, as are the terrain tiles on which they are displayed and which seem to be coming together nicely. It is difficult to frame these large shots and requires quite a bit of effort to set up, but well worth it for the sake of posterity.

    1. And when the last six cavalry regiments are done it will be even more impressive! Oddly it wasn't the setting up, but the packing away that took the time. One of the summer projects is going to be the completion of the terrain tiles along with sorting out the gaming table.

  6. Wow, what a parade Mark! Simply wonderful to behold:).

  7. I think you may have now caused the market in red paint to crash Mark…
    I shall invest while the price is low 😁

    A fine looking parade indeed … Imagine if they were all lead.

    All the best. Aly

    1. Between you and I, you might consider the Kantor Blue market too...I have used more of that than red actually, but I have kept that quiet in the hope of making a quick buck on the depressed market!

      Yes I'm sure that if they had all been metal that our weather would be even more volatile as the Earth's centre of gravity shifted whenever I move them around the house!

  8. My God, Man! Your parade presents such an impressive sight! Well done!

    1. Thank you is nice to see the obsession nearly fulfilled!