Sunday 11 December 2016

Early WWI Game

Today we pkayed our first game since late October. The game was an early WWI game, with a reinforced British battalion and a French battalion, with artillery and cavalry support, holding two small villages against three German infantry battalions supported by artillery, a machine gun company, some jägers and a squadron of uhlans.

It was a hard fought game which the Anglo-French force won on points in the very last turn. Both sides suffered dreadful casualties. 

Here are a few shots of the game.

The initial German deployment

French dragoons

German uhlans

The French artillery

The German batteries

British dismounted cavalry

 A German battalion attacks

Lasts ditch stand by the Scots beside the church yard


  1. Great looking figures and pictures Mark, I like your impressive artilleries and splendid wagons...

    1. Thank you Phil. I agree that the artillery models look impressive. Unfortunately they don't appear so impressive when they are shooting at you!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Rodger. I am very keen on expending these armies, but there are so many ither armies I would like to build...