Friday 23 December 2016

French Foreign Legion Completed

Over the last weekend I completed the French Foreign Legion for the First Carlist War and finally I have them based up and ready to march off the painting table and into their storage trays.

I have made these two battalions of the FFL a little more scruffy than the previous battalions giving them a mix of trouser colours - not much of a variation I know, but it does provide a bit more variety.

I have started on the final phase of the Carlist War collection - the British Auxiliary Legion. The first two items are the Royal Artillery rocket and field gun sets. The former contains the scratch built rocket cart that I made about six months ago in anticipation of buying this set.

Finally I have painted another six Retreat from Moscow figures, this time it is the camp followers set.


  1. Mark, your FFL are colorful and nice! Your artillery are interesting little vignettes, themselves. Top work all around!

    1. Thank you Jonathan. The rocket set in particular was a lot of fun. If you like those vignettes, I have a spectacular one I am finishing right now that will be my Christmas post.

  2. Well, where to begin?
    Foreign Legion : superb!
    Royal Artillery rocket : very impressive!
    Artillery : I love it!
    Camp followers : very promising!
    Wonderful job, as always!

    1. Thank you Phil. Many more interesting thing have come off the painting table in the last couple of days, but won't make it onto the blog until after Christmas.

  3. Great Job Mark.
    Nice to see the FFL making an appearance.
    Best wishes.

    1. Thanks Stu. I am looking forward to getting them on the table in the New Year.