Sunday 28 August 2016

More First Carlist War Units

Three First Carlist War items have come off the painting table this week.

First up, two units of Carlist infantry, this time in the marching pose wearing a mix of frock coat and greatcoat. 

And then there is Carlist field gun, to which I added a priest for some Devine inspiration for the crew.

Currently on the painting table is the first unit of Carlist cavalry.


  1. Very cool! I could get into a period where the men wore red trousers and white caps.

    1. I agree Jonathan, and working with vibrant colours after painting 500+ drab Crimean War Russian infantry is most welcome. What will be even more interesting will be two of the next units to arrive, the Valencian volunteers, with blue berets, pale blue jackets, with red colars, over grey waist coats, with with a red waist band, a white skirt and white knee length leggings. They are beautiful figures - the only painful part about them is the painting of the ties on those sandals.