Friday 17 June 2016

The Lead Mountain Renewed

The week has been a productive one on the painting table.
First off the table is the Cossack artillery battery for the Crimean Project. I thought I had ordered these a month ago, but ordered the line crew in error, so this order corrects the error. These are Foundry models and give a nice variation to the Great War, even though the Foundry are a little smaller.


Second off the table are the first items of a new project. I have been drooling over the First Carlist War range from the Perrys for the better part of the year now. So a couple of weeks ago I ordered the Carlist War book from the Perrys and then on Monday last week I took the plunge and ordered two battalions. On Saturday, a mere five days after I place the order, they were delivered.
Oh these are nice little figures! Very nice. So nice in fact that they present a significant challenge to my limited painting skills. I chose to do both of these units as firing line units.
Here are the first batch off the table, unbased and lacking flags.

I am so keen on these little fellows that, since it is my birthday next week, I have placed another order. I can see this project expanding to a significant size – maybe 12 battalions, a few units of cavalry and say three guns a side – how many times in my life have I said “I will just do a small army”…well let me see there was the ACW, the Franco-Prussians, the Wars of the Roses, the Austro-Prussians the Russo-Japansese, War of Spanish Succession...
I also have an idea for a Carlist War campaign and have already designed the map and rules.
Then just last night I arrived home to find a box of Great War Crimean figures on the doorstep. This includes the last two battalions of British, one line infantry battalion, the rifles and four battalions of Russians (less one pack of six figures that I foolishly omitted from the order). The lead pile is renewed and I have already put the first colours on the rifles - not that there is much colour mind you!


  1. Beautiful close ups of great looking units, love the gunners!

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    1. Jonathan, sorry I deleted your comment in error "Nice, Mark! I really like the Foundry Cossack artillerymen. Great sculpts and great brushwork. I should add another Cossack gun and crew to my own project.

      "Carlist Wars figures look terrific too. Love the reds"

    2. My only comment on the Foundry artillery is that the wheels sre too small. They need to be another 3mmm on the diameter to look right against the figures.

      Yes those Carlist figures are lovely pieces, the cavalry is going to look particularly spectacular I think.

  3. Hi Mark

    It's my birthday next week as well. Perhaps we're twins! But comparing our respective productivity levels I very much doubt it! 8O)

    All the best with the new "small" project. FWIW I think that 12 battalions plus a few support actors makes for a fine game.

    von Peter himself

    1. Clearly not identical twins though! I think that the Carlists might stop at 12 units, but the Isabellinos will probably be more beacuse I will want to add the French, British and Portuguese forces.

    2. Quite agree with force size! Twelve BMUs is an ideal force for command by one person. Not too large that resources are wasted and not too small to buckle under the first brush with duress.

    3. I agree entirely that 12 units per player makes the perfect game, but the big for us as a group is that we usually play with five or six players.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Russ. I have a few more guns to do yet ... Russians need lots of guns!