Thursday 30 June 2016

So Much for a Quiet Year - Painting Totals Year-to-Date

 At the end of 2015, when I tallied up the painting and scratch building for that year, I predicted that 2016 would not be as productive as the one just passed. This was in part because 2015’s productivity included a significant amount of rework on figures, and in part because I had less projects planned.
Well guess what…I was wrong. Despite some supply problems I have powered through the Crimean armies, made considerable headway on the Napoleonic Russians, scratch built several significant scenic pieces and started a Carlist War project. The six month’s result is:
Crimean War Project
445 foot
61 mounted
14 guns
Franco-Prussian War
2 foot
7 mounted
Napoleonic Russian Project
132 foot
3 Mounted
Carlist War
40 foot figures
Scenic items
Russian Church and Base
Stone Bridge
Tudor style building
Thatched House
Water Trough
Accumulated totals and “painting points” totals are:
619 Foot Figures (3,095 points)
71 Mounted (710 points)
14 Guns (140 points)
6 Scenic items (1,360 points)
Total points 5,305
This compares to 5,843 points for the whole of 2015.

So what is in the plan for the next six months?
Well the Crimean War armies have to be finished by the end of October so this means:
346 foot figures
42 mounted figures
5 guns
Then there are the Napoleonic Russians. I would like to complete the infantry division and maybe a regiment of dragoons and a few more mounted officers. This would add:
160 foot figures 
27 mounted figures
I also want to add a few more Carlist War units so maybe:
86 foot figures
24 mounted figures
4 guns
Then there will be some building for the Carlist Wars…maybe another 1,000 points
If I achieve all of this it would add another 4980 points giving a total of 10,285 points for the year. Not bad for a quiet year…
Now about that extra storage…


  1. Mark, those are truly astounding numbers you have put up thus far in 2016!
    Great job!

    1. I was pretty surprised myself when I added it all up! I had hoped to do a bit of a review, rather like yours, but yesterday was bad day and I didn't get home until well after dark and taking photos was the last thing on my mind. There is a lot that has come off the painting table this week, but is in various stages of basing.

  2. Very impressed with that output! And I thought I'd had a good painting year so far...

    1. It would be nice to think it will slow down, but as you can see even the Crimeans that I need for October are a significant number!

  3. Bloody Hell Mark, I thought I was doing OK at 200 Footand a handful of cavalry.
    Well done sir.

    1. Thank Stu. And they will just keep coming for a while, especially with the £ at such a low rate.

  4. Hi Mark,
    That really is an impressive total! Are the days in New Zealand twice as long as in the UK, 'cause I don't know how you do it! And it's good to know you can at least benefit from a weaker pound at the moment!
    Can I ask how you manage to do your flags, 'cause they look really good on your Crimean French? Lots of nice folds!

    1. I wish the days were longer here, especially these winer days when it is dark by 5:30!

      I try to finish six figures in an evening, that's about two to three hours work.

      Yes the Brexit is a friend to the non-UK wargamer, but I suspect a matter of concern for many in the UK.

      Flags for me are straightforward. Have access to a colour laser, some high quality scanners and high end graphics editing tools. I either use Warflag or draw them myself. I then create the double-sided versions, size them and print them out, usually a whole page of them. I glue them around the flagpole, using PVA, and fold them while the glue is still wet. In the case of the French Crimeans the position of thr flag pole suited a limp flag so it was simply the matter of following gravity, making the first fold as near as possible to vertical, then folding the rest in line with that first fold.

    2. Thanks for the flag tips - I maybe follow your method, but mine are nowhere as good as yours! I'll keep practising though and aim for your standard (excuse the pun)!