Friday 23 October 2015

Roman Villa, Part 5

Tonight’s task was relatively straightforward: I had to texture the long back wall of the main villa structure. But as straightforward as it was, this is a painful task. Not only is the issue of getting an even coating accentuated by the sheer size of the wall, but  it is always a challenge to add character into such a large surface. It can also be a challenge to ensure that all the work is completed before the epoxy begins to go off, which gives me about a one hour work time.


I cut three small windows on the upper floor and then extended the exposed stone base that carried on from the other faces. To give start character element I etched some exposed bricks. All this took about an hour, and it is hard on the arms, since the model has to be held in such a way so as to not put your finger all over the work just done. There is only one face of this structure to finish now.

Having done all I can on the villa for now, I returned to the stable and filled some gaps around the end of the roof and then put the roof crest in place, ready for the work on the curved tiles that will complete the roof. This latter item I can’t start until the rest is completely set, so work for the night finished here.

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