Monday 19 October 2015

A Roman Villa

A friend of mine has asked me to make a Roman villa for his late Romans. It is an interesting project for me to get into while I save up enough pennies to purchase my next batch of figures. I will document the build process here.


Between the two of us we found enough information for me to come up with a basic design. The whole model will have an external measurement of 200mm x 250mm. Looking at it from the front, there will be the main house on the left with a pillared arcade facing the courtyard. To the immediate right of the main house, and attached to the main house in a “L” shape, is the servants quarters. Then there is a small piece of wall, with a small gate, that joins on to the stables that make up the right side of the complex. A large gate across the front completes the enclosure.


The first step is to make the rough cardboard form of the structure. This is the result of that effort (note that the front gate and the pillared arcade are not yet built – and can’t be until some other component are completed).

I will post daily updates as the project proceeds.


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    1. Thanks Phil. i haven't made a model quite this big for a while. I have done quite a bit more now and will post something more tomorrow. I am quite enjoying it.