Thursday 22 October 2015

Roman Villa , Part 4

Tonight I worked first on the outside face of the stable. This was quite a large area. First I covered the whole face with epoxy putty, then I cut three windows, fairly high up, in the wall. Working out from one of the window corners, I etch in a large area of exposed brick and damaged stucco.

I then worked on the end of the servant's quarters. This is a pretty straightforward texturing, just a small amount of exposed stone area the foot of the wall and a narrow line of stone as decoration near the top. I will continue this patter across the exterior wall of the servant's quarters when I work that wall.

I had enough epoxy putty left over complete the back of the courtyard wall and gate.

The next task was to finish the exterior work of the stable, which was just the end that will be nearest the main gate. This was quickly achieved and the whole exterior of the stable was complete. I then moved onto the rear wall of the servant's quarters and one end of the villa. This was a big wall, only one wall on this model is bigger, and it is a difficult task to get the putty in an even coating. Having achieved the even coating I continued the narrow stone base from that I had done on the end wall and cut three small windows.

While the putty cured, I began laying the first lot of tiles on the roof. Using the image below as a guide for Roman tiles I cut a number of strips of thin card, about 6mm wide and glued then in overlapping strips across the roof of the stable and the servant's quarters. 

The task was progressed much more quickly than I thought it would and was complete in about half an hour. This was the end of work for the evening.

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