Monday 15 June 2015

Life Goes On...

I just realised that my last post was almost a month ago. Time is flying by!

Real life has been demanding with financial year’s end approaching,  a major project coming to fruition, another project at the kick-off stage, staff annual reviews to complete and then I have been fighting off a cold that I brought back from Europe last month. But I haven’t be idle on the painting front, having painted 84 foot and 24 mounted figures since I came back from overseas.

Below are some (less than perfect) images of the latest additions.

The first unit of WSS Bavarian cuirassiers

I have been plugging away on the Bavarian WSS army and have now completed the infantry, 9 battalions in all, and have started on the cavalry, having completed a half regiment each of dragoons and cuirassiers, and the Lieb Horse Grenadiers. I hope to have another regiment of cuirassiers ready before we play a game this weekend. Then there will be only another two regiments of cuirassiers to go to complete the army.

The Lieb Grenadiers at the head of the first brigade 

The head of the second brigade

All of the infantry

The dragoons

I have also been powering through the Wars of the Roses figures that I bought in Toulouse. I have finished the archers and billmen set and have started on the foot knights. I have yet to complete the basing of these as I am waiting on basing supplied to arrive.

The billmen
One unit of archers
The first unit of foot knights

Two stands of the foot knights

I am really pleased with the Wars of the Roses figures and will look to getting some more after we return from holiday. This will add to the other projects: Crimean War, Russo-Japanese War, WWI in East Africa, Austro-Prussian War, Great Northern War…the list just goes on!


  1. A fantastic paint job, WSS units are most impressive!

    1. Thanks Phil. I liked your post on the Austro-Prussian War,,by the way.

  2. That Bavarian WSS army is one I dreamed of painting up when I was a young man ... but never did! What make are the figures?

    1. G'day Roly. The figures are all Wargames Factory. I wanted to do them in Ebor Miniatures, but cost came into the equation and I managed to do the whole army (324 foot and 60 mounted figures) for only £217. I finished another regiment of cuirassiers tonight, two more to go. The whole army will get an outing on Sunday, so watch out for an AAR on Monday.

  3. Hi, Nice army, I am painting one myself. However, finding information on the correct colors of the LeibGarde regiment is nearly impossible. I have only seen one reference to the color of the uniform to be red, however there were references to a Colonel who wrote of his experiences of the WSS and he mentions the color of a new Bavarian Grenadier regiment of being Red. Do you have any reference to the uniform color I could see?

    1. Yes the Bacarians are a great looking army and the information on uniforms can be confusing abd often conflicting.

      For better or worst for most of the details for my Bavarians came from this site:

      For specific details on the Grenadiers I used this reference from the same site:'s%20Brigade.jpg