Thursday 18 June 2015

Free American Civil War Flags

Some seven or eight years ago, as a part of my American Civil War army expansion, I undertook to create some sets of ACW flags. I have no desire to make these commercially available so I am offering them here for free.

The flags are created from information that was available to me at the time and any errors are entirely mine. The sets include Union and Confederate National, Regimental, State and battle flags. Union Corps and divisional sets are also included.

These flags are drawn in a vector based drawing application and rendered to a high resolution (300 dpi) .png file. The originals were drawn to match 28mm figures (so that a Union National colour measures 30mm on the fly), but depending on the application you open the files in the images may need to be scaled. 

Confederate Flags

Union Flags

Union Corps and Divisional Flags


  1. That is an impressive amount of flag work.
    Very kind of you to offer it for free.

  2. Well they have been sitting on my hard drive for some years, gathering proverbial dust, so I figured that if others have a use, they are welcome to use them.

    I have some from other conflicts that I will post in due course.

  3. Mark,
    I would like to get a copy of your Confederate Civil War Flag files. I do 54mm figures, and these would be great!
    Raymond Ford

  4. Please could you email me you Confederate and Union Flags . Ido 1/32 Soldiers mainly Confederate and some Union.Thank you for putting them up for free and all your hard work

  5. Thank you Sir for your Great work on gathering these Great flags of our Great country & offering them for free to the public for Histories sake

  6. These look great, nice work and thanks for making them free.

  7. Thank you for these great flags!

  8. Found these out of the blue.. My thank for these..

  9. Just getting into ACW Eics and these flags are a lifesaver! Thank you for the amazing work.

  10. Brilliant flags, thank you so much for publishing these,

  11. Just saw these Mark. Awesome. When I get home from holiday I will be printing some of the Corps Flags.

    1. No problem Brian...I note it has been quiet in the Woolshed recently...