Friday, 3 October 2014

Crimean Project Advances

No time for photographs at the moment. I am too busy painting.


My order for Crimean War British arrived from Great War Miniatures on September 22 and I have been working on them intensely ever since.


I had ordered three battalions (the whole of the Highland Brigade), together with two guns and two mounted figures - Sir Colin Campbell and a highland colonel.


I have finished the mounted officers and the artillery and have done about two thirds of the infantry – the 42nd Black Watch and the 93rd Argyle and Sutherland Regiments. They are starting to look great, but those cursed cross-hatched socks have been driving me insane! I have never been much good at fine straight lines so they are a struggle for me – some are better than others I hope that when they are all based up, my average (or less than average in some cases) work will be concealed by the landscaping on the base.


This purchase completes the 1st Division, that comprises the Guards Brigade, the Highland Brigade and two batteries.


We have a long weekend away next week so I don’t know if I will get any time to get any photos done before then, but I shall try.


I am also working on tidying up some Foundry Franco-Prussian French that someone else had half painted. These are being worked on in the moments when the cross-hatching drives me to distraction.

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