Saturday, 25 October 2014

All quiet on the painting front

I haven't painted a thing since I finished the Crimean Highlanders. Instead I have been working on a couple of scratch built 4.7inch guns for the Russo-Japanese armies and reorganising all of the armies from their shabby cardboard boxes in to new plastic trays, while waiting for the arrival of some Russo-Japanese field guns (and given the past record of this supplier that may be four or five weeks away).

What is interesting about the reorganising is the realisation of just how many figures I have. By far the largest collection is the American Civil War, but a very close second is the Austro-Prussian collection, of which I have Austrian, Prussian and Italian armies. These armies haven't seen the light of day since October 2012, so opening the boxes was like being reacquainted with old friends.

I also dug out images from those games and have included them here.

This first batch, from 2008, was from an Austro-Italian game set in Venetia.
An Austrian brigade advancing
Italian Cavalry, light cavalry on the right, heavy on the left and lancers to the rear 
Italian troops occupy a village
An Italian battery supported by a battalion of Bersagleri

Italian infantry and cavalry pass through the village

This next batch, from 2012, with the Austrians facing thre Prussians, are from a game set in Bohemia.
The Austrian advance
Austrian hussars clash with Prussian cuirassiers and uhlans
An Austrian heavy cavalry brigade advances
Austrian infantry pass a farm
The Austrians attack
The Prussians counter attack


  1. Impressive pictures, love your armies on the period, we are going to open this game period in our club, and this post is a great example for us!

  2. Thank you, Phil. What is particularly pleasing for me is that pretty much everything on the table was my work, from sculpting the figures, making the terrain and painting it all. I really want to expand this collection and have masters sculpted for Bavarians and Hanoverians, but I need to encourage a local manufacturer to cast them for me.