Sunday 28 April 2024

Action on the War of Spanish Succession

Today for four and a bit hours, eight of us played a War of Spanish Succession game.

I need to be upfront and state that none of these figures are mine. All are from the collection of another in our group.

The armies were formed with the cavalry on the flanks, the artillery in the centre and infantry either side of the guns, between the cavalry. My involvement on the Anglo-Dutch left meant I didn't follow the action too closely. So what follows is a fairly random presentation of images (many of which have been supplied by another player) to which no have added some comments.

The table at the start of play.

The English battalions preparing for action.

The captured standards are presented.

The general's coach

Austrian infantry has  deployed

The French cavalry on the right wing.

And more on the left

The kettle drummer stirs the regiment.

The British cavalry creep past the old water mill

The English cavalry preparing to attack

The Maison du Roi ride to the attack

Austrian cuirassiers

The clash

The Dragons du Roi

En Avant!

The heavy guns fire

The Austrian cavalry prepare to receive the French attack

The Anglo-Dutch right wing

Looking up the tablet from the Anglo-Dutch right.

The French cavalry advance 

Looking up up the table from the Anglo-Dutch left

The Dutch infantry

The Franco-Spanish left

The guns continue to pound away


  1. A fantastic looking game with plenty of troops on the table

  2. Super looking game and loads of great miniature on show, always nice to see some WSS, a real favourite of mine.

  3. Looks like Rick did you all proud, Mark, pity I had to miss it.....but who won???!

  4. An impressive looking game Mark…
    And such a colourful period for uniforms and flags…

    All the best. Aly

  5. The WSS always makes for a grand spectacle, with lots and lots of lines. Lovely figures and terrain as always Mark.

  6. Even if the armies are not yours, Mark, this is beautiful display of toy soldering. Terrific close-up photos.

    1. Thanks Jonathan. Most of the closeups aren't mine but are supplied by another player.

  7. Amazing armies, loved it! A proper big game. So who won?

    1. It was a draw, both armies were fought to a standstill.

  8. quite a spectacle. 😁

  9. It was a very pretty war...probably not so pretty the day after the battle though.