Wednesday 30 June 2021

Half Year Tally

Can you believe that half the year is gone already?

For me it is time for me to check the painting tally that I thought, coming into this year, would be down given a reduced number of projects, but as always when I make such assumptions I have been proved wrong. These half yearly counts  are valuable to me because often I paint figures and they go into their trays and don’t see the light of day for some time. I am sad to say that there are figures (and a couple of armies for that matter) that have never been on the table. So checking the painting tally can be a bit of a reality check and can refocus the wargaming butterfly.

The six months has seen work in three main areas: the Great Paraguayan War, my yet to be revealed Tarawera game project and some scratch built terrain items (a significant amount of which is for the Tarawera project). I have also dabbled with some 1805 French infantry.

All in all the item counts for the period amounted to 639 foot and 35 mounted figures and 46 scratch built items or a total of 5,340 painting points. The breakdown is as follows:

And as a graphic…

The figure count has reached 13,638 foot, 2,018 mounted, 257 guns and 202 pieces of equipment.

So what is in line for the rest of the year? 
  • The Great Paraguayan War - the Brazilian and Paraguayan artillery and Brazilian and a Argentine mounted officers are on their way and should be completed be the middle of July. The Paraguayan mounted officers will follow when they are released.
  • The Tarawera project - the armies will be finished sometime in August and there are a dozen small buildings to make. 
  • American War of Independence British - enough figures for four battalions of infantry (and possibly another three battalions will follow later) to take that collection up to between ten and thirteen battalions.
  • American Civil War dismounted cavalry -  five units are to be completed.
  • American War of Independence French - half a dozen units are under consideration. 
  • The Franco-Prussian War - this is likely to get rapidly out of hand.


  1. In light of the impending releases by Perry's metal and plastic ranges....Your last observation is stellar!

  2. Your total figure count is amazing, that must be some collection, your stuff is always so nicely done - excellent.

    1. Thanks Norm. I was quite surprised by the numbers…especially the Paraguayan War figures which I hadn’t through I had worked on so much this year.

  3. My apologies to Jonathan whose comment deleted in error. Something about me being a painting machine, but Jonathan, I think you do your self a disservice!

  4. That's a great effort Mark. I'm really looking forward to the great reveal on the Tarawera project.

  5. That secret Tarawera project seems to have quite a few figures associated with it Mark....lets hope we manage to get the trip in this year, or it may be a third virgin army!

  6. It is a reasonable size collection at 651 figures (441 completed to date), but is a little less than half of the number I did for the Crimean War game of 2016. The week will happen one way or another.