Tuesday 21 April 2020

American Civil War Campaign Turns 2, 3, and 4

Following on from Turn 1 - Spring 1861 of our strategic campaign game of the American Civil War, turns 2 (Summer), 3 (Autumn or Fall) and 4 (Winter) have been completed.

Summer 1861

Reinforced, the Union players planned to strike at Norfolk and in the far west to gain control of Missouri and the Indian Territory. Sadly the army in the east failed to activate, but in the west Missouri was secured.

Similarly reinforced the Confederates retreated back into Arkansas and fortified their frontiers. Some of their ports were fortified, but crucial forces on the south coast failed to fortify.

Kentucky remained neutral and neither side was prepared to break it.

Autumn (Fall) 1861

The Confederates continued fortify while west of the Mississippi they fell back onto Little Rock and dug in.

The Union continued to press forward in the west, occupying the Indian Territory and entering Arkansas. The forces on Cairo and Cincinnati decided to stay put, but in The east the Army of the Potomac attacked Richmond...and was repulsed.

Kentucky remained neutral.

Winter 1861/1862

The Confederates fortified most of the Gulf Coast and held elsewhere.

The Union consolidated their position in the west, occupying most of Arkansas. The Army of the Potomac retreated to Washington.

Kentucky remained neutral.

As winter closed, the attrition calculations found that the Confederates had three more brigades than could be supported by their supply grid and had to eliminate them.

As we enter 1862, Kentucky sides with the Union and reinforcements are due to both sides. What the campaign will the year hold?


  1. Interesting catch-up. Campaigns are fun in themselves.

    1. I just wish could dedicate a bit more time to it, but real life keeps getting in the way!

  2. It's nice to get a combined overview of the campaign like this Mark. I didn't realise there had been a battle at Richmond .... I only knew the Union force had retired to Washington !

    1. I see why you didn’t know...the second page of the report was missing from the email I sent you. I will send it to you.