Saturday, 20 January 2018

Napoleonic French Army 1812

Wednesday night saw the completion of the 1st Carabinier Regiment for my French 1812-1813 collection.


The figures are from the Perry plastic heavy cavalry set.


After a bit of thought I have decided that the basis for this collection will be from the OOB for Borodino.

The plan is to do the entire force in plastic where practical to keep the costs down. This should mean all of the infantry, cavalry and line artillery in plastic and only the generals and horse artillery in metal.


For the infantry component I have chosen to build Friant’s 2nd Division of Davout’s I Corps. This will give a force of 17 battalions, one field, three light and one horse batteries.


2nd Division: Général de division Friant 

1st Brigade: Général de brigade Dufour 

15th Légère (5 batt. and 4 light guns)

2nd Brigade: Général de brigade van Dedem de Gelder

33rd Line:  (5 batt. and 4 light guns)

3rd Brigade: Colonel Groisne

48th  (5 batt. and 4 light guns) 

2nd and 3rd battalions of the Joseph Napoleon (Spanish)


2/7th Foot Artillery (8 guns)

5/3rd Horse Artillery (6 guns)


For the cavalry I have gone overboard, as you will see from the lists below, because I want to get broad selection of types. Since I am unlikely to ever field all this cavalry at once, I will only do three horse batteries and allocated them as the games require.

2nd Cuirassier Division - Général de division  Pierre Watier comte de Saint-Alphonse                       

1st Brigade: Général de brigade Louid-Chretien de Beaumont

5th Cuirassier Regiment: Colonel Jean-Francois Christophe

2nd Brigade: Général de brigade Jean-Louis Richter            

8th Cuirassier Regiment: Colonel Grandjean

3rd Brigade: Général de brigade Joseph-Philippe-Marie Dornes                 

10th Cuirassier Regiment: Colonel Franck


1/2 Artillerie a Cheval (6 guns)

4/2 Artillerie a Cheval (6 guns)


4th Cuirassier Division - Général de division Jean-Marie-Antoine Defrance                        

1st Brigade: Général de brigade Louis-Claude Chouard                   

1st Carabinier Regiment

2nd Brigade: Général de brigade Pierre-Louis-Francois Paultre de Lamotte                       

2nd Carabinier Regiment

3rd Brigade: Général de brigade Joseph Bouvier des Eclaz,             

1st Cuirassier Regiment


3/1 Artillerie a Cheval  (6 guns)

4/1 Artillerie a Cheval  (6 guns)


6th Heavy Cavalry Division - Général de division Armand Lebrun la Houssaye             

1st Brigade: Général de brigade Nicolas-Marin Thiry

7th Dragoon Regiment

23rd Dragoon Regiment

2nd Brigade: Général de brigade Denis-Etienne Seron                     

28th Dragoon Regiment

30th Dragoon Regiment


4/6 Horse Artillery (6 guns)

5/6 Horse Artillery (6 guns)


2nd Light Cavalry Division - Général de division Claude-Pierre Pajol                        

7th Light Brigade: Colonel Desirat

11th Chasseur a Cheval Regiment

12th Chasseur a Cheval Regiment

8th Light Brigade: Général de brigade Andre Burthe

5th Hussar Regiment

9th Hussar Regiment


1/4 Artillerie a Cheval  (4-6pdrs & 2 How)

This will not be a quick project and I fully expect it to extend into 2019.


  1. They turned out excellent. I look forward to seeing you progress through the rest of the cavalry.

    1. Thanks, I am pleased with the way they came up. A unit of dragoons is next...just finished gluing them together.

  2. Oh, these are beautiful, Mark! The carabinier helmet combs look a bit exaggerated in length and look fantastic.

    1. Thank you Jonathan. The cornflower blue coat is my favourite, but that is the 1814-15 uniform and doesn't fit into my plan. The second regiment has a slot on the production line in early February.

  3. You can never have enough Carabiniers (unless you have three regiments - that's too many). Very pretty cavalry - nice work Mark.

    1. Very true! The carbiniers are my favourite cavalry type.

  4. Wonderful job on this famous unit, beautiful and dynamic!

    1. Thank you Phil. They are indeed a grand unit.

  5. Fantastic unit and plans, great work!

    1. Thanks Mark. Another infantry unit finished tonight.

  6. Lovely work, and they look suitably menacing. How many units have you now completed toward the 1812-13 French?

    1. There are three units finished: one cuirassier, one carabinier, one line infantry, with one infantry unit painted but not based and the first of the dragoon regiments started.