Sunday 1 May 2016

Napoleonic Game

Today we played a Napoleonic game, an Anglo-Prussian force against the French. It was pretty straightforward affair with both sides fighting for the control of a strategic road intersection. (Note that the images here are presented in an order that probably doesn't align to the description below).

There were lots of troops on the table, 24 battalions of Anglo-Prussians, supported by three regiments of cavalry and four batteries. The French force comprised of 24 battalions, four regiments of cavalry and five batteries.

The French got off to a bad start and two of their brigades, rushing forward were easily repulsed by the British, but on the flanks things moved a little more slowly. 

Opposite the Prussians the French had to manoeuvre around some awkward terrainso progress was slow. When they did get into position they found it difficult to get at the Prussians who held a strong position from a walled farm, through some woods and across a hill.

On the opposite flank the French cavalry had some initial success only to be driven off by the British cavalry. But the French infantry here pushed on relentlessly and secured the road in the rear of the British position.

When the British line began to collapse the writing was on the wall and Prussians decided to pull out while they could get the biggest part of their force away. Thos the Prussians managed to do with remarkable ease, losing only two of their 14 battalions and one battery. The British, on the other hand, lost perhaps six of their battalions plus both their batteries. The French lost perhaps five battalions.

It was a good game that kept five of us amused for five or six hours.


  1. Hard to beat the sight of a decent sized Napoleonic game! Great stuff Mark.

    1. Yes it was great. We haven't played Napoleonics for a while - forgot quite a few of the rules too!

  2. Replies
    1. It would have been better if I had been on the winning side, but we had a lot of fun nonetheless!