Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Mill, part 6

Today's work on the mill has seen me start by adding some small details. I added the door hinges and handles to all the doors. I added a heavy timber trim around the lower edge of the upper floor. I added some detail on the underside of the bay window and a bit more ivy across the front of the stairs.

I put the thatch on all of the roof areas, except across the crest.

I finished the inner side of the mill wheel. I cut the mill paddles from plasticard and then attached them to the front side and filled the space between them. 

When all of the components had cured, I did the final assembly of the wheel.

The model is probably 85% complete, with just a few small details to finish, but the largest part to be completed will be the basing of it. I need to give some thought about how I am going to attack this. I have the idea of placing it beside a bridge with a mill race or a pond.

1 comment:

  1. My Mark you have been busy.
    Good to see 2016 off with a bang.