Thursday 5 November 2015

Roman Villa, Part 11

Well it is finished.

In the last few days I have finished the roof, glued the main villa and servant's quarters to the base, fitted the gate and front wall, filled all the gaps, completed the chimneys, added the steps to the servant's quarters door, put an edge around the base of the entire structure and painted the whole thing.

I am really pleased with the final result. 

The outstanding items, which really aren't a part of the actual model, are a small vineyard and a free standing statue that can be placed in the centre of the courtyard.


  1. Superb Mark!
    Absolutely spot on, really like the colours and the little details like the hinges on the gate.

  2. I am working on the statue and vineyard now, I think you will like them too.

  3. 'I am really pleased with the final result.' So you ought to be! That is a brilliant piece of scratch-building, Mark. Fantastic detail and superb colouring.

    1. Thank Nathan. I am going to lightly drybrush a whitish tone over the roof though - looking at it in a different light it has come out a touch too orange. It has been a fun project to keep me busy until my next batch of figures arrive.

  4. Thanks to Nick, Jonathan and Pill for your comments (that I maanged to delete instead of publish)