Sunday 29 March 2015

Slow Times

Things have been slow on the painting front in the last few weeks.


I haven’t quite run out of things to paint, because there was a number of odd items lying about in the lead pile (like some Franco-Prussian artillery and some left over 1866 Piedmontese Bersagleri that have been repurposed for the Crimea). 

When cleaning up in the study I found these old Foundry WSS command figures that have been painted as a brigade command group. 

I also made a whole stack of markers for use in future games, but otherwise things haven’t quite worked out the way they were meant to.


Two weeks ago I needed to get some unexpected dental work done. By some miracle the cost of that work came in at half the quoted value, but I didn’t get to bask in the glory of that small win for long, because that same evening the washing machine died, and with all my hopes of being able to order the next batch of WSS figures.


To make matters worse the order I placed for Russo-Japanese War figures went missing in the post. A replacement parcel was sent, but I lost a couple of weeks as a results.

Then last Thursday the RJW parcel arrived. It contained enough Russian infantry to finish off another infantry regiment, plus a few more figures for eventual conversion to Frontier Guards and finally this fantastic little set from the Tsuba Miniatures Japanese ammunition train set.

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