Wednesday 10 September 2014

Tarawera Weekend - Day 5 Sunday 7 September

This the last day of our magnificent event for another year. As tradition would have it this day's game would be a naval game. This time it would be ironclads from 1866 - Austro-Hungarian against Italian.

With breakfast consumed and gear packed for the return home we set up for play.

On the Austrain side there were 11 ships, seven ironclads, one wooden ship of the line, two frigates and a gunboat, while the Italians had eight ironclads and two wooden frigates. 

For the next three hours these ships swirled around two small rocky outcrops in the Adriatic blasting and ramming each other at short range.

In the end the honours were even. Each side lost two ironclads and one wooden ship. Both sides were deemed to have withdrawn to lick their wounds.

Then it was time to pack the table away, pack the last things into the cars and have lunch.  Then our great week of gaming was all over - what took ten months to prepare for was over in what seemed like no time at all. 

At around 14:30 we hit the road, arriving home a little after 18:00.


  1. Hi Mark,

    What a superb series of wargames you guys have just played. Thanks for sharing them on your blog. My favourite was your first game - the Napoleonic one. Looked like there were some classic Minifigs in that game. Awesome.
    Your WW1 town in your Saturday game looked great too.
    Regards, Bryan.

    1. You are quite right, a lot of old Minifigs, some very old. Some Hinchliffe too and then my own command - the Prussians - were Perry and Warlord.

  2. Really nice! Beautiful models, and islands...