Wednesday 18 June 2014

Work progresses...

OK so I haven't posted for a while. This doesn't mean I haven't been busy...quite the opposite in fact.

I have finished the British WWI infantry company, the heavy machine gun team, two 13-pounder guns, crews and ammuntion carts, the command sets and a cavalry machine gun team. I have also painted the Belgian Guide cavalry, both mounted and dismounted sets, completed another ruin in my town set, marked out the forms for the last two ruins that I need, made 1000mm of barbed wire sections and started the work on some scretch built French ammunition wagons for a friend. 

Apart from the two ruined buildings, I have only one outstanding item for the WWI project now and that is the carts for the British cavalry machine gun team. That will be based on this image

What I haven't had time to do is take any photos of my work.

I have started a new project, the Crimean War. This, I suspect will be a long term project, adding a unit here and there as I feel like it. I have completed a battalion of the Colstream Guards. I have used the Great War Miniatures range and they have come up a treat. Here is the proof of that work.


  1. Excellent paint job on the minis and great looking first pic!

  2. Very impressive. Love this period despite the lack of battles!

    1. Thanks Colin.

      The Crimean project will most likely be a slow build - but then I say that about all my projects!

      In away this project is long overdue. Nearly fifty years ago The band of the Scots Guards came to NZ and performed. My English mother took me to see them and soldiers became a part of my life. I can clearly remember an image of the guards in the Crimea in the concert programme and always wanted to collect in the period.

      I am very impressed by your own Austro-Prussian War collection. I have an extensive collection of Prussians, Austrians and Italians for the period (the latter two are entirely of my own design). I have masters made for the Bavarians and Hanoverians, plus some Danes for 1864. I am in negotiation with a manufacturer here at present to run with these.