Thursday 3 April 2014

WWI Project and More

For the last couple of weeks I have been focussing on three projects:
The first project is the buildings I started before Christmas. I have now finished all of the sixteen intact structures and thirteen of the sixteen matching ruins. I will be completing the remaining three ruins in April and will post some photos in due course.
The second project is the WWI project. In mid-March I received two parcels. The first one was from Great War Miniatures a batch that included an infantry company ( 36 figures), a platoon of jägers (12 figures), a jäger machine gun and  a troop of uhlans mounted and dismounted (8 and 12 figures respectively). The second package was from Brigade Models and was a set of Belgian refugees, a Belgian machine gun dog cart and two Belgian ammunition dog carts. On the weekend of 28 and 29 March I painted the last figures and based them. This complete all but the company command base for the Belgians (although I do still need to buy a troops of cavalry for them) and two of the three German infantry companies – I have ordered the third one, but don’t expect it to arrive until mid-April.

The refugees and the first of their scratch built wagons
The Infantry company - three platoons exach of 12 figures
The Jäger platoon
The uhlan troop - the mounted and dismounted versions
All that is required now for the WWI project is the British. I had intended to do all of these as Great War Miniatures figures, but I am tempted to mix the figures between Great War, Mutton Chop and Musketeer miniatures. In this way there will only be a handful of figures that will be the same in the British company. But I have some time to think about that and won’t need to order those figures until late-May.
The third project is the 1866 ironclads. The second batch of hulls has arrived. These are mainly wooden hulled vessels, once again from Bay Area Yards. The models required a  bit of work – there were a fair number of air bubbles that either needed cutting away or filling – but this did no more than one evening and I have started work of two Italian Hulls that will become the Garibaldi and the Gaeta and two Austrian hulls that will become Erzherzog Friedrich and Radetsky. My goal is to have these ready for a game this Sunday (6 April).

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  1. They're coming up a treat, nice basing to make them pop!