Monday 20 January 2014

WWI Project – Buildings Phase 3: The Town Increases

have had a productive weekend. I finished off the last of the texturing detail on thirteen biuldings on Friday, while I waited for a service man to turn up to repair the stove and then painted them over the weekend.


Of the thirteen structures, eight are intact buildings and five are ruins. The intact structures pretty much complete the main street of the town. I still have four buildings to make to finish the town, including a church, a workshop and two houses, and will start them next week.


The ruins are designed to replace the intact buildings. They do not exactly match the intact structures, but they do match the frontage so that for every 60mm frontage intact building, there is a 60mm frontage ruin. The two or three odd shaped buildings will have unique ruins. There are still ten ruins to go.


Here are a few shots of the finished models.


First of all the main street of the town.

And second, the first batch of ruins.

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