Monday 20 January 2014

Still More Scratch Building and the German Cyclists

First of all here is an image of the German MG carriage and limber complete with the horse team. While three of the images that I have show a four horse team, another shows a two horse team. Since the former were of WWII vintage and the latter of WWI vintage, I chose to go with a two horse team.


I had been trying to find images of the French cavalry machine gun carriage. I had found a very crude drawing in the Funcken “Uniforms of WWI” book and then an illustration from a graphic novel. Then by sheer chance I stumbled across these photo in a completely unrelated discussion thread.

It showed the details I wanted and was all I needed to get started. Fortunately I had a spare Hotchkiss MG left over from the Russo-Japanese project so I didn’t need to make the weapon. The rest was an easy task with plastic card and a bit of green stuff. I have done a four horse team this time, but without the riders - unless I have a sudden rush of blood to the head and change my mind about the riders, which is always a possibility. I will post some images of this when the horses are painted and the model based.

I also knocked up a refugee wagon, based on a contemporary propaganda postcard. It looks pretty good, loaded with household packages. I may do a second wagon as well.

The German Jäger cyclists arrived from Dixon Miniatures just after Christmas and have finally painted them. They are intended to be used in conjunction with the uhlans, when the come. The jäger unit will also have an HMG (and the MG carriage of course) attached to them.

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