Monday 4 March 2013

Waiting for Parcels

I have conquered the lead mountain. I have no figures to paint. Well that is not strictly true since here are still some 40 Italian Bersaglerie figures for 1866 in a bag in the study, but I am not inspired by them since I would need to add several hundred more line infantry if I were to paint them.

I am waiting on two parcels from overseas: the first is a the next batch of RJW Japanese from Tsuba and the other is some Russian and Japanese machine guns and artillery from Redoubt. The latter will only be placeholders until Tsuba release their models. Both parcels should arrive this week so the painting drought won't last too long.

In the meantime I have been finishing off the trenches I started about a month ago. I have 1500mm completed now and have just two end pieces and another couple of angled sections to make to finish my target.

I have also started on the first of a series of buildings for the RJW. The first of these is a walled town house, similar to the Beijing Hutongs that I saw there in late 2009. I intend to make another couple of these walled residences, a few farm buildings and a small monastery before I am ready to have my first RJW game in May. I will post photos if the new buildings as I complete them.

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