Monday, 18 February 2013

Four Projects Nearing Completion

At this point of time I have four projects under way.

First is the Russo-Japanese War. Last Friday I finished three items for the Russo-Japanese War Project. The largest item was first regiment of Russian infantry for the RJW. I have done this regiment as a real mix of uniforms. The majority are in khaki, but to reflect the inefficiencies if the Russian supply systems I have done a few in the dark green winter uniform and some in rather grubby white tunics. The second regiment, which I hope to start next week, will be totally in khaki.

The other two items were the brigade command bases for the Russians and Japanese infantry. Each stand has an officer and an NCO. I will try to get some photos of these up later this week.

Second is a couple of Norman buildings that I owe a wargaming friend from years ago. This proved a little more difficult than I expected because the warm weather made the epoxy putty softer than I am used to working with, but they are done now and just need painting.

Third is the Perry Miniatures Russian Napoleonic generals set. I have looked at this set for some time of the Perry site and bought it in the hope that it might inspire me to collect a Russian Napoleonic army. These are truly great figures and I am enjoying working on them. I am not quite sure how I am going to base these yet, so they may remain painted and stored in a box for a while.

I also received the other day a copy of the book ‘The A-Z of the Russo-Japanese War’ which is an excellent reference work. I am now looking to find a reasonably priced modern military history of the wars.

The fourth project is a system of fortifications that can not only be used for the RJW, but also for the ACW and possibly for a future Crimean War project. I have now completed 800mm of trenches, with the intention of working towards a total of about 1,500mm.

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  1. Great blog, good to see a few of us now gaming the RKW in 28mm, where did you get your trench system from, I have been looking for a good system and these seem to fit the bill.