Saturday 24 February 2018

Egyptian Village Part 2 and a Project Plan Review

Now that the lead/plastic pile has been flattened I have returned to the Egyptian village to keep me busy in the evenings. There are no progress images here simply because I have worked on these a little at a time for the past two weeks and simply haven’t taken any images as I went.


These two are remarkably simple single storey structures compared to the previous one. If I had followed the descriptions of the day they should by rights be lower. Most of the buildings of the time seem to have had their floor level below ground (presumably for cooling), so that you stepped down into the building. Door heights as a result should be the equivalent of four feet and the height of the building above ground probably did not exceed six to eight feet. But as a model this would have looked comical so I stuck with a more conventional style. 


The original plan was to have the awnings fixed to the building, but I changed my mind on this and made one as a separate piece, so that it can be positioned differently around the buildings.

So the first building is just a simple single room structure, but by placing the awning in different positions, it looks more interesting.

The second structure is a two room building, still simple but with a few more angles.

And the completed village.

So that is the village project completed. So far I have resisted the temptation to make a mosque with a minaret, but who knows...


For now this village is firmly in the control of the French. All I need now is for the British to arrive to try and take it from them. The first order for British is placed and it won’t be too long before the first units begin to arrive at the uniform store.


Since the village buildings close out the items included on the project plan publish in September, it seems fitting to review the plan:

The results:

  • Prussian Napoloenic Cavalry – completed on time with only minimal scope creep (one horse artillery set added)
  • War of 1812 – completed on time with no scope creep
  • Heavy Brigade – commencement delayed and complete due to circumstances beyond my control
  • French in Egypt – completed ahead of time with considerable scope creep (three infantry, one cacalry and one artillery units added)
  • Napoleonic French 1812-1813 – phase 1 completed on time
  • Various terrain items – completed on time.
  • One item was re-scoped: the Ottoman Army was replaced by the British in Egypt. This task will commence in early March.

Hmmm, sounds a but like a performance review doesn't it?…fitting really since I have just finished a bunch of those.


  1. Inspired job Mark, atmospheric and beautiful!

  2. Your project assessment does sound something like a performance review. I mark you as Exemplary!
    Love your Egyptian buildings.

    1. Thanks Jonathan. If only my "real life" achievements could be that good!

  3. Impressive adherence to project planning and massive output! Nice village, will you be doing a few more awnings?
    Best Iain

    1. The plan is at least one more awning. Theses are things that can be built in parallel with other work, so they will arrive slowly.

  4. If it was a performance review, you would have to give yourself a pay rise on the back of that. Very impressive. That awning really makes a difference in breaking up the otherwise symmetrical shapes of the buildings.

    1. I wish my personal review could be as good, but unfortunately there are too many external influences in the real world! I may do a few other add-ons for thease buildings, maybe a maket stall or even a pigeon loft - apparently a common feature on houses of the region at the time.