Monday, 25 September 2017

Vietnam Part 3

I knew that my SE Asian holiday was well and truly over when arriving back at work today I found 400+ emails in the inbox. Thankfully a significant number had already been dealt with by my ever efficient team by mid-morning they were down to a manageable level.


Although jet-lag is still plaguing me a little, I managed to find a little time to download a selection of images from one of the cameras.

This first few are from the Ninh Binh area - the Hoa Lu temples and the limestone outcroppings at Tràng An (that appeared in the film "Kong Skull Island").

The next few shots are from the Sapa area.

Next a few shots from Halong Bay

The tombs and citadel at Hué.

Finally some scenes from the riverside and the markets along the Mekong near Can Tho.

The next day or two should see the arrival of some more toys from the Perrys that will restore the lead pile and I will be back into the painting again.


  1. Stunning landscapes, Mark! Perhaps, Nancy and I should consider a trip to Vietnam?
    Looking forward to more details of your holiday in Vietnam.

    1. It is certainly an interesting place with a rich history. We have many more images from other spots we visited, but I am not going to have time to get around to downloading them for a couple of weeks yet.

  2. Lovely photos Mark, and I am surprised how similar the tombs in Vietnam are to the Ming tombs we saw in China, at least on a superficial level; same continent, but a long way apart.

    We're making the airport run to drop Rebecca off for her trip to Vietnam this Saturday, and there is already a lot of nervousness over Mount Agung. I have tried to assure her that if anything does happen then flights will be taking a wide berth, but I must admit I spent a good few hours watching the flight path over Korea two weeks ago.

    1. While both sets of tombs are Buddhist thecreal difference is that the Mings are much older.

      You are right they will give it a wide berth or fly at altitudes where tha ash is unlikely to do harm. Most airlines in our neck of the woods are familiar with volcanic ash operations.