Saturday 26 August 2017

Project Management

Following from Nate's challenge on his Natholeon's Empires blog, here is my "project  statement" for the next year and a bit.

Prussian Napoleonics 
Two regiments (12 figures each) of cavalry 
1 horse artillery battery (1 gun four crew)
Target completion date - late October 2017

War of 1812 American  infantry brigade
Command group (1 mounted and 1 foot figure) - Completed
5 infantry battalions (24 figures each)
1 foot battery ( 1 gun. 6 crew)
Target Completion date - November-December 2017

Crimean War
The Heavy Brigade (5 regiments, 6 figures each)
Target completion date - December 2017

French in Egypt
9 infantry battalions (18 figures each)
2 cavalry regiments (9 figures each)
1 dromedary regiment (9 figures)
3 field guns with 4 crew each
6 mounted generals
Start date - December 2017
Target completion date - March 2018

Ottoman Turks (as opponents for French in Egypt and Russians 1807-1812)
Composition unknown
Start date - March 2018
Target completion date - June 2018

Great Northern War
Composition yet to be decided, but probably
12-18 battalions (18 figures each)
10 cavalry regiments (9 figures each)
6 guns and crews.
12 generals 
Start mid 2018
Target completion date - end of 2018

French Napoleonic Army 1812
Composition unknown
Start - sometime between now and end of 2018

I have absolutely no doubt that there will be something else that will crop up to take my fancy before the end of 2018 and result in an unplanned project.


  1. For some people that would be a life's work, but I have no doubt you'll achieve it all to plan, Mark! Looking forward to both French in Egypt and gnw - both favourites of mine!

    1. The GNW has always appealed to me and the moment I saw those Perry dromedary troops I knew I had to do the Eqyptian campaign. Now if only someone would o some Swedes for the Finnish war if 1807-1808...

  2. Hmmmm....interesting stuff Mark - are you anticipating British opponents for Napoleon in Egypt, or just the locals? I could easily be tempted to produce some British units for this earlier period.....I also note your War of 1812 is US only now - I thought you were going to get some Perry plastic Brits?

    1. What you do some MORE Brits Keith? Surely not? By all means there will be a need for British in part of the campaign, but the goal for me will be to build the Ottomans as opponents for both the French and Russians.

      Brits for 1812 may come, but given that you have so many, it is a low priority.

  3. It would be very impressive if you could achieve all that Mark and, given your recent output, it looks fairly likely.

    I received my first order of TAG Renaissance Ottomans three weeks ago which I am looking forward to getting stuck into. Have you settled on a manufacturer yet?

    1. There is a fair amount of stretch in there! Most likely ithe Ottomans will be Brigade Games. I still need to do the research and settle on an organisation.

  4. Great Googly-Moogly, Mark! This is a most impressive display of dedication and painting productivity.

    Large forces in
    Prussian Napoleonics
    War of 1812 American
    Crimean War
    French in Egypt
    Ottoman Turks

    to be knocked out by Mar2018 is astonishing. It if can be done, you will do it!

    I look most forward to seeing your work on the Napoleon in Egypt and GNW projects develop.

    Best of luck!

    1. Well I have changed my tack a little by going for manageble armies of around 12-18 units each. Of course none of this has been costed some level of de-scoping may be inevitable.

  5. Fantastic stuff Mark, can't wait to see how you get on.
    Egypt is a great period to game, just can't turn the stuff out quick enough for my own project (or is that to many other projects?)
    Looking forward to see how you get on.

    1. Thanks Stu. I wish I could start the project now, but there is just too much going on right now to do too much gaming. While there will be time for some gaming in early October, I doubt I will paint again until towards the end of October.