Sunday, 20 March 2016

Fresh off the Painting Table

It has been a busy week on the painting table, with a number if items rolling off the "production line".

First completed was the Vladimir Infantry Regiment for the Russian Crimean War army. This was half finished last Sunday, and completely painted by Thursday night. Now it is based and ready for storage. This is the third of six regiments I need for the army.

The Vladimir Regiment painted and ready for basing

All four battlions based.

Second completed were the six Russian command figures, giving one base of two figures for a divisional command stand and four single figures for brigade commands.

Third is the second of my Russian Crimean artillery batteries - the second of five batteries.

Fourth is also in the Crimean vein, the Turkish command figures. Since I have struggled to find any such figures, I used the Egyptian command from the Perry Miniatures Sudan range. The two figures that will make up the senior commanders needed to be modified to suit. With a little Green Stuff I added shabraques, epaulettes and, on one figure, a bunch of gold lace on the front of the coat.

Finally was the  second battalion of the Smolensk Regiment for the Napoleonic Russians. I had actually finished painting this about two weeks ago, but only just finished the basing on Saturday.

The second battalion in line

Both battalions in column of divisions, first battalion on the left, the second on the right.


  1. Multi-tasking at it's best Mark.
    Wonderful stuff.

    1. Thanks Stu...not sure if it's multi-tasking or bumbling through!

  2. Amazing collection Mark, excellent job...And I love details on the Turkish command's base!

    1. Thank you Phil. They were a nice set to work with.

  3. Wow! That is a fine mess of Russians, Mark! Your Turkish conversions are eye-catching. Much character in those guys. As Phil notes, nifty base work on the Turkish officers.

    1. Thanks Jonathan. That is the last batch of Russians until June...British and French are next to arrive. I particularly like the way the two Turkish officers are leaning in to each other. The bases are all sporting my homemade grass tufts, to which I have just make some significant enhancements in the manufacturing process.