Friday, 6 January 2017

East African Railway Station - Part 4

So the last of the construction work on the railway station is complete.

First up there was a bit of filling and the roof cap. Next was a barred window at the back of the baggage/freight area and two gates for the front of the same area.

These gates were cut from plasticard and will be fixed to the model when the painting is complete.

Finally I made the porch in front of the ticket office/waiting room. For the pillars I used 6mm square balsa wood and fixed them to a 100mm x 25mm plastic card with glue and a steel dressmaker's pins. On top of the plasticard I built a wedge and glued corrugated iron textured plasticard, that I curled down over the front edge. This piece is free standing for now, but like the gates will be glued in place once the model is painted.

Over the weekend I will paint the model.