Thursday, 5 January 2017

East African Railway Station - Part 3

Last night's task was to finish the corrugated iron roof. This entailed cutting some 50 sheets of "iron" and then fixing them to the cardboard form of the roof, overlaying the sheets as I went. This tedious task took a couple of hours, but a suitable ramshackle look was achieved.

All that is left to do on the roof now is to put a Green Stuff apex on the top and do a little filling along the ridges.

Having completed the roof, I cut a sheet of textured plasticard for the platform surface. The texture is a little more regular than I would have liked, but an irregular pattern was not available. After cutting the basic shape, I cut out the area beneath the building, not only to save some of the sheet, but also to provide a better surface to eventually glue the model to.

The building dry fitted to its base.

The final task was to fix the lintels above the windows. These I cut from 1mm cork sheeting. I used this because when painted it has an interesting rough finished stone like texture.

The next step is to construct a covered portico across the front of the main structure.

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