Wednesday, 4 January 2017

East African Railway Station - Part 2

Having completed the basic structures I fitted the window frames and glued in the roof bases in place.

The Front View

The Back View
Corner View

I then cut out what will become the platform from a piece of double thickness foam core board and cut a lip and recess of 3mm, into which I fixed strips of stoneface textured plasticard.



For what will be the corrugated iron roof I constructed the basic form in heavy card and glued it in place. The corrugated iron will be fixed to this in due course.
The Basic Roof Structures

While all the glue was setting I cut pieces of roofing iron. These I cut from a sheet of HO scale cortucated iron textured plasticard - I used the HO sheeting because corrugations on the OO scale sheet, that is nearer to 28mm, looked out of scale.

The Corrugated Iron Sheet

The Pieces of Iron Ready for Fitting

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