Saturday, 1 July 2017

Half Yearly Wrap-up

Well the first half year has just flown by. As always for me at this time it is time to recap on the hobby work year to date.


This year has seen a bit of slowdown in actual figure work, in part because of a need to divert funds to pay for some other projects (holidays, home appliance replacements, etc) and in part because the really big projects like last year’s Crimean War and Carlist Wars projects have been completed (albeit for a few additions intended later this year to the Crimean War armies).


Much of the year’s focus has been on the preparation for our annual Tarawera weekend, of which the WWI in East Africa project is a part, and the desire to complete the Napoleonic Russians. Also completed is a small collection of Retreat from Moscow troops for my amusement that just proved irresistible. A slight diversion into Vikings and Saxons has added a little variety.


So what has been completed in the first half of the year?


Napoleonic Russians (Summer Dress)

8 x Mounted generalsJ

148 x Line Infantry

4 Guns and 8 crew

24 x Dragoons


Napoleonic Russians (Winter Dress)

18 x Line Infantry

36 x Peasants

32 x Jagers

54 x Opolchenie

12 Dragoons

2 Russian Napoleonic Guns and 8 crew

1 x Russian militia gun, 3 crew and limber

6 x Militia Cavalry


Napoleonic French (winter dress)

12 x Chasseurs a Pied of the Guard

54 x Line Infantry


Dark Ages

44 x Viking Hirdsmen

44 x Saxon Thegns

40 x Generic levy

10 x Generic archers


WWI East Africa

48 x German Askari

2 x German Askari HMGs and 6 crew

2 x German Askari artillery and 8 crew

1 x German foot officer

3 x German Mounted 

1 x Pom Pom Gun and 3 crew

1 x British Naval Officer

5 x British Navy Crew



2 x Russian Winter houses 

6 x Dark Ages Houses

East African garrison post

East African Plantation House

East African Plantation out building

East African store house

4 x African Village Huts

East African general store

East African hotel

East African railway station

East African Wireless Station


Other Scenics

WWI East African Gunboat

3 x Retreat from Moscow pieces

57 x African bush pieces


Consolidating all of this, the totals are:


589 foot figures

57 mounted figures

14 pieces of equipment

74 pieces of terrain


Converting this to the painting points concept (where a foot figures is worth 5 points, mounted and equipment 10 points each and then allowing 10 points for every 1 hour of work on a scratch built item) the total for the half year is 6,465 points.


To display this breakdown graphically:


This compares to last year’s half yearly total of 5,305 points. While the buildings and scenic items needed for the WWI in East Africa have contributed strongly to the increase in points, the number of figures painted is relatively similar (a difference of around 100). This proved to be a bit of a surprise given that I had forecast (and have achieved I might add) a significant drop in purchases this year.


So what is on the horizon? Well there are still a few outstanding items for East Africa (a couple of jungle pieces and six to eight African huts). For the Russian Napoleonics there are two regiments of cuirassiers, one of hussars, a position battery and a horse battery to be completed. For the Dark Ages there are a couple of small units of archers. That is it for existing projects.


As for new projects, there is the War of 1812, where I will create an American brigade. I am also being strongly drawn to the French in Egypt. There will also be a small expansion of the Crimean War armies. But perhaps the biggest project, that will commence probably in November, is sorting out my wargaming set-up at home, which will entail the creation of terrain tiles.

So far I have only managed eight games: three First Carlist War games, one Franco-Prussian, one English Civil War, one War of the Roses, one Napoleonic and one ancient naval. It has been a rather poor showing from me, largely because I gave not been available for a number of Friday night games. I must do better in the next six months.


  1. That's a very impressive output Mark! Those new Perry French in Egypt figures can't be ignored!

    1. I agree Nathan. The first time I saw those dromedary cavalry figures I was hooked.

  2. Astounding painting productivity, Mark! You paint more in six months than I have ever managed to complete in an entire year! Great job!

    I have especially enjoyed your scratchbuilting projects.

    1. Thanks Jonathan. Things will slow down soon with some travel coming up. I have another batch of winter buildings about to hit the work bench soon.

  3. Don't worry too much about the game count Mark - you will be able to double it after Tarawera! Or just work on freeing up Friday evenings and you can probably manage 3 a month at Mr Bells. I had two games of Frost Grave today as it happens - reports on my blog.

    1. Friday's that preceed a regular Sunday game will pretty much always be an issue for gaming, but I am hoping the second half of the year will feature more games

  4. Great output Mark. I think I managed around 260 French Line myself and was fairly happy with that, but nothing anywhere near your levels.

    1. I was quite surprised that I have done so many, given that I really expected a low output this year. And it was pleasing for me today when the visitor counter ran over the 100k.